Mophie Power Capsule 1,400 mAh

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Mophie Power Capsule 1,400 mAh

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Made for Wireless headphones, fitness trackers & wearables. Whether you are on the way to the gym or traveling, the power capsule is the perfect solution for those with active lifestyles who are always on-the-go. With a built-in 1,400mAh battery, this compact travel case keeps your wireless in-ear headphones, fitness trackers or other wearables charged and protected while safely packed away so theyre ready for whatever is next.

Ready when you need it. Whether you are on the way to the gym or traveling, the power capsule is an easy-to-carry travel case that charges in any scenario.

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Rp. 650.000,00

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1,400mAh, portable charging case for wireless earbuds & wearables


Quickly charge your device with an output of up to 1.0A.


Provides power to your device first before the power capsule starts to recharge.


Recharge using the included micro USB cable.


Protective carrying case makes it easy to stay fully charged in any scenario.


Wireless Earbuds +60 Hours*
Fitness Trackers +55 Days*

Berat 0.3500
Package Length 12.65 cm
Package Width 8.4 cm

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